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    Introducing a revolution in screw clamp terminal block technology

    Electrical Distributors in Aberdeen & Suppliers of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment in the UK

    AEL Ltd are leading electrical distributors in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, supplying hazardous area electrical equipment and wholesale electrical supplies to Industrial, Marine, Offshore, Panel Builders, Distilleries and Petrochemical Industries in Aberdeen, the UK and worldwide.

    AEL are more than just electrical distributors and suppliers. We can provide the expertise, advice and support to meet the demands of industry and work as a partner to provide the right solution - on time, every time.

    As an electrical wholesaler, we source electrical components from key manufacturers across the world, all supplying high quality products and invest in ongoing research and development. Electrical distributors and suppliers operating in Aberdeen,UK, where technology moves rapidly, we continually update the product portfolio to ensure we meet the demands of an ever changing market place.

    Copyright 2011 AEL Ltd, E & OE - Electrical Distributors in Aberdeen supplying Specialist Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment across the UK and Worldwide

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