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    You may find the answer to any questions you may have here in our FAQ's section.
    If you have any questions about this web site or require any further information on any product then please do not hesitate to call us using the methods displayed on our Contact Us page.

    How do i know you have an item in stock?
    We show live stock levels on all products on the website so you will instantly know if we have a product in stock

    What prices are shown on the website?
    Retail prices including and excluding VAT are displayed by default. However if you log in to your account your cost prices will be displayed also.

    How do i gain access to the website?
    You can request acces by emailing webb@www.187371.tw or by telephone 0044 1224 899133.

    Can anyone buy from the website?
    Yes, but only AEL account holders can order online when they are logged into their account. Account access is only granted by our support team, so your account details and prices are totally secure. If the general public browse the site it will only display the full retail price.

    Can i order online?
    Yes, there is a shopping cart facility on the website which is available when you are logged into your account. The order will automatically be placed on your account using your cost prices.

    Can i check my account balance?
    Yes, you can access your account balance by clicking on the "My Account Tab" at the top of this page. It will display your live invoices and current balance. You can also view each invoice by clicking on the "Details" button.

    Is the website secure?
    Yes, all transactions on the website are 100% encrypted and secured by verisign SSL.

    What if i have a problem accessing the website?
    Please email webb@www.187371.tw and we will try to rectify any problems you may have.

    What if i need to return an item?
    Collections are handled by our sales team. You can contact them on 0044 1224 899133 or you can email webb@www.187371.tw.

    What if the rounding of fees and invoice amounts do not match?
    In order to calculate fees as accurately as possible, this web site uses fixed net amounts. However, due to different VAT(Value Added Tax) rates within the European Union this may result in rounded amounts.

    This may result in rounding differences, as the 6 digit net amounts are used to calculate 2 digit invoice amounts. This web site rounds the gross amounts to 2 digit amounts, i.e. 0.412414 is rounded off to 0.41 and 0.4167 is rounded up to 0.42.

    The invoice amount is calculated by adding up all the net amounts. VAT is then calculated based on the total of the net amount. In some instances this may create slight differences between gross and net amounts.

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